About us.. 

Gevity Rx is a family owned, Australian company that believes happy, healthy, people create the best food. Our culture, pay, health bonuses and dedication to employees’ career growth, form an empowering and meaningful workplace, where we all work together to create a healthier world, one life-changing health product at a time.

What does Gevity Rx stand for? 

Gevity Rx literally translates to longevity prescription and to stay true to providing this we believe in taking a stand where other “health” brands don’t. We thrive on delivering the highest possible standards in health & wellness products that produce real life changing results while genuinely tasting great. Our customers put their health first and place their trust in us to not compromise their longevity when making the important decisions. Whether it is the cost of an ingredient, a particular process or even packaging, our customers' trust comes first before our profit and loss statement.   

What is it like to work for Gevity Rx? 

We make a big fuss about company culture at Gevity Rx. Our successful team members thrive on personal growth, taking accountability for results, having a positive approach to problem solving and ultimately striving to perform at their best - each and every day! As a team we love setting big collective goals together, then chunk these down into roles and accountabilities where we individually push hard with a positive and passionate can-do attitude until we hit our numbers and targets. We believe great results come from great teams and great teams are made up of great individuals who are ideally suited to their role and thrive on doing that role as well as they possibly can. 

About the role

We are seeking an experienced, energetic and highly motivated Sales & Account Manager for NSW that is familiar with health and wellness products and their retail channels including health food stores, practitioners, grocery and supplement & fitness. 

The roles provide an excellent opportunity for a driven, proactive and results-focused sales lover that is obsessed with both driving new business and supporting their accounts via regular touch 

points and mutual wins. If you love sales/account management and you love health & wellness - this may be the perfect opportunity to merge your work and personal passion to create a truly rewarding career!

To be successful in the role you must have strong communication skills, a positive attitude to problem solving, great confidence and proactive approach to get on the front foot to drive sales via every available touch point from phone calls to emails to store visits. 

Gevity is still relatively new to direct account management so experience in similar product based business with a track record for getting results will be highly regarded. 



  • This role offers great performance based incentives and a very competitive bonus structure for high achievers and those that thrive on delivering tangible results. No politics - results are what counts!
  • Gevity RX HQ is based on the gorgeous Gold Coast however the roles are also 100% remote working which means this could be the lifestyle change you have been waiting for. 
  • Improve your health and longevity on the job with product allowances, staff discounts & access to team wellness packages.
  • Great career progression opportunities for those that love to  learn, grow and develop new capabilities. Plus with expansion plans both domestically and internationally,  this role definitely has no ceiling as to where it could go!
  • Work with your tribe - if you love learning, growing and being passionately positive in all areas of your life - this may be a chance to surround yourself with others like you! 


  • Highly ambitious, hard working and well experienced sales or account manager who is a proven high performer and loves getting on the front foot, taking action, pushing hard and not stopping until deliver results 
  • Enthusiastic and authentically passionate about health and wellness, practices what they preach and finds ways to create life balance by prioritizing your health and personal development. 
  • Have a genuine love for sales and account management and would consider themselves a lifelong student of sales mastery.  In the day to day this will be expressed by enthusiasm to nurture relationships, getting out and about into stores, taking and fielding sales calls. However, even more obvious is how you use your down time as you sharpen your tools of their trade by having genuine passion to constantly reading and listening to sales education and showing genuine enthusiasm to grow your own capabilities.  
  • Your love for learning won’t be limited to sales - you follow podcasts, love talking shop and geeking out on how to get more from life - and none of this you consider part of your job, it’s your passion. 
  • Love being accountable for results, you track your own numbers and driving sales and you don’t stop until your list is done. 
  • You have such a positive and proactive approach to solution finding that you are regularly known to turn mountains into molehills as you thrive on overcoming challenges and keeping your cool under pressure. You don't need perfect things to get results instead you thrive on challenges and making the most of what you have. 
  • You have excellent written and verbal skills, you are very well organised and highly transparent in your work style, you keep thorough notes and are very competent with reporting and calendar management. 


  • Minimum 3+ years in product based sales or account management role - ideally within FMCG, supplement, health & fitness, pharmacy or retail.
  • Proven track record of getting results in a similar role with the ability to maintain healthy relationshionships with your peers and senior leaders (when requested must be able to provide references from previous managers and/or business owners).
  • A track record of having a positive attitude to problem solving including finding solutions rather than problems and the ability to positively influence others.
  • Great with administration and transparency over work as required with a 100% remote working environment - this includes CRM and project management software, calendar sharing and daily status updates.
  • Strong business partnering skills with the ability to build relationships and create win wins.
  • Proven ability to manage sales targets and understanding of relevant metrics, relentless drive to get the job done and history of working with limited resources.



  • Brand building experience in similar space or product range 
  • FMCG experience will be highly regarded
  • Experience using ASANA, Google Suite, Zoho CRM 
  • Reporting capabilities, spreadsheet skills 
  • Leadership or management training and experience

As the team experiences high volumes of applications, we appreciate your patience to allow for a timely and fair process for all.