About GevityRx


We believe health should be about concentrating on improving your inner health and that in turn improves your longevity (Gevity). We also know results only come from being consistent (Rx aka prescription)

Long term good health (i.e. longevity) is just not attainable without dedicated focus on internal health and this leads to something so much more valuable than just looking good on the outside. The outside appearance will take care of itself anyway, once your inner health is optimised.

When you have our history and have your life almost slip away from you due to poor inner health, you know that nothing matters more than looking after long term health!

However, unfortunately most people don’t have the motivation to start down this path of pursuing long term health as they don’t understand the difference it will really make to their life in the short term as well. They don’t realise that when you have great inner health from things like optimising digestive health, immune regulation, inflammation and blood sugar response - the results become exponential and it's like being a completely different person or having super powers. It's life-changing rather than just appearance changing.

Because you're not inflamed, your blood sugar is dialed in and you're absorbing all micronutrients rather than passing them through - you have incredible energy, great mental clarity and focus, and an improved mood. Take it from those of us that have made the transition - you end up a completely different person because you're able to be a much better version of yourself! A better husband or wife, a better mother or father, a better work colleague, friend and all round just a more lit-up person! #lifechanging

Founder Story

Gevity Rx is about as personal as a business can be and we need to apologise in advance – but it’s really just a mushy love story.

The journey really started for us about 8 years ago now. We had been together for a blissful couple years, our relationship was going great and we were planning out the rest of our lives together.

Then over the space of a year or so our life as we knew it, started falling apart. Atlanta started suffering from extreme exhaustion, mood swings, crippling anxiety and panic attacks...

We had absolutely no idea what was causing it. It was very scary for us both and very painful for me to watch the woman I loved slip away from me and somewhat even from reality.

After thousands of dollars spent on both traditional and functional medicine doctors with no result, we realised we needed to solve this ourselves. We stopped
looking for the next doctor and instead spent that time and money on researching and experimenting with every natural health solution we could find.

After a long and painful education process of about a year, we realised that her symptoms were linked to issues with gut health and more specifically “leaky gut”, which was causing chronic food allergies and inflammation and in turn,
destroying her overall health.

Now with a clear direction of what needed to be solved, we started to work on healing the gut. This, in theory at least, is pretty straight forward, i.e. pull out the bad stuff that is causing issues (gluten, sugar, processed dairy, lectins etc) and add in some bone broth to help heal the gut lining.

Seems easy right? Well we did this religiously and Atlanta she didn’t get any better. Thinking something didn’t add up, we started lab testing every bone broth product available. The results made it clear that they all had very little of what we needed - the collagen forming amino acids responsible for healing the gut lining (along with all other connective tissue in the body). What made these even less effective was these aminos were hard to absorb for someone with a sensitive stomach due to also containing meat and vegetables, which can irritate the gut lining.

We had a small food business at the time so for the next several months we started experimenting and refitting equipment to develop a completely unique and highly concentrated version of a traditional bone broth. This contained literally nothing other than nutrients from quality bones, plus salt. No meat, no veg and barely any water.

What resulted was a super thick glue-like substance that we nicknamed Atlanta’s Body Glue™ . It was literally the “glue” she needed to reseal her gut lining and stop inflammation crippling the rest of her body. The unique consistency came from the extremely high collagen content which was over 1000% or 10x higher than a traditional liquid bone broth.

Fast forward about 3 months and the changes were dramatic. Atlanta’s health - and therefore our life - was fast getting back on track. Happy wife, happy life as they say. Haha.

Along with getting married about a year later we also made another life pact and that was to do whatever it took to help as many people as we could in the same situation.

And that was the start of what became Gevity Rx.


Gevity Rx is a family owned, Australian company that believes happy, healthy, people create the best food. Our culture, pay, health bonuses and dedication to employees’ career growth, form an empowering and meaningful workplace, where we all work together to create a healthier world, one life-changing health product at a time.