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If looking after the family's gut health at every opportunity is important to you, then this is the trio you need!  Our 3 best selling FAMILY favourites now bundled for your convenience ... with a bonus sneaky discount!

What's included:

1 x Natural Body Glue™ - for sneaking all the goodness of The World's Most Nutrient Dense Bone Broth into all the family dinners undetected!

2 x Bone Broth Sauces: 

Great Guts Mayo - loved by kids and adults alike.

Better Belly BBQ - an absolute family staple

Like all of our sauces, every 2 tablespoons of Great Guts Mayo and Better Belly BBQ contain a whole serve of Body Glue.  Getting the family to consume bone broth daily is now as easy as adding mayo to a salad or sandwich or dipping sausages in BBQ sauce.

EVERY healthy family needs this trio in their fridge!


  • Natural Body Glue™ is our most versatile bone broth.  You can easily add to family meals and they will be none the wiser - sauces, bolognese, vege mash, casseroles, gravy and more.
  • Great Guts Mayo is a great way to sneak bone broth into little bellies undetected! Sandwiches, salads, wraps can be boosted bone broth on the sly!
  • Better Belly BBQ is the healthiest BBQ sauce going containing all the goodness of bone broth but none of the nasty refind sugars.  Our Better Belly is sweetened naturally with Monk Fruit and prebiotic Chicory Root Fibre.

Natural Body Glue™

  • Australian Grass-Fed Beef Bones, Naturally Evaporated Sea Salt*

Great Guts Mayo

  • Reverse Osmosis Water, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Gevity Rx Body Glue™ (Grass-Fed Beef Bones, Sea Salt) (16%), Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Chicory Root Fibre (Prebiotic), Natural Sea Salt, Coconut Milk Powder, Organic Psyllium Husk, Natural Lemon Juice Concentrate, Natural Mustard Powder, Guar Fibre

Better Belly BBQ

  • Reverse Osmosis Water, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Gevity Rx Body Glue™ (Grass-Fed Beef Bones, Sea Salt) (16%), 100% Tomato Puree, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Pomegranate Syrup, Chicory Root Fibre (Prebiotic), Tamarind Pulp, Natural Sea Salt, Natural Onion Dried, Organic Psyllium Husk, Natural Garlic Powder, Natural Lemon Juice Concentrate, Natural Mustard powder, Natural Ground Smokey Paprika, Liquid Derived From Natural Hickory, Guar Fibre, Monk Fruit Extract.
Nutrient Avg qty per 100g Avg qty per 10g
Energy 1100kJ 110kJ
Protein -Total 32.8g 3.3g
Amino Acids - Arginine 2,540mg 254mg
- Glycine 7,180mg 718mg
- Hydroxyproline 3,620mg 362mg
- Proline 3,708mg 370mg
Fat 14.5g 1.5g
- Saturated 6.3g 0.6g
Carbohydrate 0g 0g
- Sugar 0g 0g
Gluten Not detected Not detected
Sodium** 4660mg 466mg

How much should I consume?
For general wellness a good starting point is a cup a day, ideally first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Increase consumption at times when you feel as though your body has more to repair, heal or detox (for example, after training, traveling or a weekend of treats).

Those on a healing journey may find a cup with each meal beneficial to their treatment plan as many practitioners recommend consuming broth several times per day depending upon the severity of their symptoms.

Basically, you can’t ever have too much body glue, so consume as much as you like, whenever you like.

How do I store it?
Our products are shelf stable but do require you to store them in the fridge once opened. The cold temperature of the fridge also solidifies our products somewhat which makes it easier to scoop out of the jar  – nutrients so thick they stick to the back of the spoon.

How long will it last?
Please check your jar for the recommended used by date sticker. Once opened and if stored correctly (see below), used by date will remain valid.

How is your bone broth made?
We use a completely unique proprietary process that was formulated by continuously testing the finished product for the absolute maximum nutrient density possible.

It involves various cooking temperatures at specific times as well as other proprietary processes to purify and filter the bone broth to a point where the nutrients drawn out are so thick they literally stick to spoon.

What you see is only what is drawn out of the bones, herbs and spices to flavour and naturally evaporated sea salt to help preserve it.  No water, no vegetables or fillers to thicken it. Every super thick and sticky teaspoon is mother nature’s glue ready to be absorbed and go to work exactly where your body needs it!

Is your bone broth dehydrated?
No – you will see nothing but thick, concentrated, unaltered broth in our jars. We NEVER dehydrate or de-structure our broth in anyway.

Where do you source your bones?
We take pride in sourcing only the best quality bones from the healthiest cattle we can find.

Our products are proudly made from ONLY 100% Australian grass fed and finished cattle – from the beautiful Darling Downs region.  All bones are also hormone and antibiotic free.



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