Meadow & Marrow Rebrand

meadow marrow rebrand

Why is Meadow & Marrow changing to Gevity Rx? 

We don’t just make health products. We’re true health and wellness enthusiasts, always on the look out for the best products. 

When we looked at the wider health market, we felt really unsatisfied with the products on offer, especially as many products are masquerading as far healthier than they really are.  

Five years ago, this dissatisfaction drove us to create the Meadow & Marrow Bone Broth Concentrate range. We created a range that we could be proud of, that surpassed other products available. Our Bone Broth Concentrate delivered 10x the nutrient density of traditional broths, AND incredible value, convenience and taste.

We know that by expanding beyond Bone Broth and moving into the wider health market, we can use the same set of values that build Meadow & Marrow to create a truly epic range of health products. One that doesn’t compromise on ingredients, that delivers unparalleled value, and that benefits customers just like us!

Why Gevity Rx? 

Gevity Rx, short for longevity prescription, is a promise to our community and to ourselves.

Longevity means both to live a long life and the ability to last for a long time. 

Gevity Rx is committed to putting your overall health and longevity first. You can trust us not to compromise on ingredients or standards. 

We believe that if something is genuinely healthy as opposed to just appearing as such like many products on the market, then it should, by definition, improve one's longevity. 

The great news is, if longevity is used as the guiding principle when making health decisions then it inevitably leads to you looking better, feeling better and performing better, both now and in the LONG term!

Gevity Rx is also a mission statement for everyone in the business. In a market full of short term trends and opportunists that don’t have the best interests of the community at heart, we wanted to make it really clear what we stand for and what we need to deliver to be worthy of this name.  

If we always hold true to this, we know we also provide longevity for the business itself, everyone in it, and, of course, our customers.

What does this change mean for you? 

Our community’s health and longevity have always been at the core of every decision we have made with Meadow & Marrow and this is only going to continue with Gevity Rx. 

The same principles that created our Bone Broth Concentrate with 10x nutrient density and the first family-friendly Bone Broth Sauces will now guide us as we shake up the wider health category.

It’s time health brands start delivering more value with fewer compromises. 

We promise to deliver unmatched quality, value and taste, while always putting your longevity first.


We’re going beyond products

Our mission isn’t limited to providing the most amazing products.

We want to foster a real community with incredible support. A #gevitygang that provides guidance and support, so you know you’re not alone on your health journey.

What are you waiting for? Join the Gevity Gang and let’s go!