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Elevate Your Prep Game with the Essentials!

Get ready to slay your meal prep goals with our Meal Prep Master Bundle! This carefully created selection brings together a variety of complementary flavours and health benefits to make your meal prep sessions a breeze. Check out these must-haves:

Pimpin’ Portuguese Bone Broth Marinade: Spice up your prepped meals with this bad boy that astes like Nandos but WAY better!  This spicy marinade adds a kick to your dishes while delivering the wholesome goodness of bone broth.  This is so delicious you will forget it’s so incredibly good for you.

Smokey Texan Bone Broth Marinade: All the flavour, all the benefits! Infused with smokiness this gluten and sugar free marinade is not only delicious but also boosts your meals with the nutritional benefits of bone broth. A true game-changer for healthy and easy meals.

Total Tummy Turmeric Bone Broth Mayo: A total game-changer for your prepped salads and wraps and it just so happens to pair perfectly with Pimpin’ Portuguese Marinade. Infused with the anti-inflammatory power of turmeric, this Body Glue boosted mayo brings flavour and gut-loving benefits to the table. Total tummy satisfaction in every bite.

Better Belly BBQ Sauce: You will never experience bland food again! Our Better Belly BBQ Sauce delivers a great smoky flavour without all the sugar and other nasties of a traditional sauce.  It’s sweetened with antioxidant-rich natural pomegranate and monk fruit to keep sugar content low.

Make meal prep great again with our Meal Prep Master Bundle, where convenience meets flavour in every product.. Limited stock available.

**Please note Marinades have a short dated shelf life as 31.03.24.**



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