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Sauce addicts this one's for you

All four of our awesome Bone Broth Sauces in one convenient Bundle!  Great for sauce lovers, the indecisive, ingredient geeks and anyone trying to avoid a case of sauce FOMO.

You get one of each sauce in just one click and $AVE in the process!

Every 2 tablespoons of sauce contains a serve of Body Glue™ - The World's Most Nutrient Dense Bone Broth and is packed with Organic EVOO and prebiotic fibre.

But what you won’t find in our sauces is just as important!  None of our sauces contain egg, gluten, dairy, soy, or inflammatory veg and seed oils.  They are completely, additive and preservative free - 100% microbiome friendly GUARANTEED!

Each bundle contains:

Great Guts Mayo

Total Tummy Turmeric Mayo

Souped-Up Sriracha Mayo

Better Belly BBQ

Please refer to individual product pages for ingredients and tips.


Ever heard of a gut-friendly sauce? Well, you have now!  Our incredibly delicious and uber healthy sauces are the easiest way to incorporate nature's best ingredients into your whole family's diet.  Not only does every tablespoon of sauce contain a whole serve of the world’s most nutrient dense bone broth, but it’s also made with Organic EVOO,  Organic Psyllium Husk and Organic ACV and it’s packed with prebiotic fibre to feed your good gut bugs!

But what you won’t find in our sauces is just as important!  None of our sauces contains egg, gluten, dairy, soy, or inflammatory veg and seed oils, and is completely, additive and preservative free!

  • Great Guts Mayo is family friendly and a great way to sneak bone broth into little bellies undetected!

  • Use Better Belly BBQ sauce to replace all the unhealthy BBQ sauces in your pantry.  Great with anything grilled, especially meat or chicken. Smother on steak sandwiches and of course, BURGERS!

  • Use our slightly spicy Souped-Up Sriracha mayo as your excuse to have fun finger foods WAY more often!  Chicken wings, burgers and hot chips will never be the same again

  • Total Tummy Turmeric can be used how you would any regular mayo.  Great with salads, sandwiches and makes a great healthy dipping sauce.  We call it “mayo for grown ups” because it’s just so good with antipasto platters.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts! Follow the links below to view specific ingredients for each sauce.

Great Guts Mayo
Total Tummy Turmeric
Souped-Up Sriracha 
Better Belly BBQ 

Jump on the links below to view specific nutritional information for each of our Bone Broth Sauces

Great Guts Mayo
Total Tummy Turmeric
Souped-Up Sriracha
Better Belly BBQ 

How do I store it?

Once opened, store your Bone Broth Sauces in the fridge.  


How long will it last?

Once opened, use within 4 weeks.


I am on a low carb diet, can I consume this sauce? 

Sure can!  Check the macros in the nutrition panel above!


How much Bone Broth is in the jar?

Every 2 tablespoons of Bone Broth Sauce contains a whole serve of Bone Broth Body Glue™ - the most nutrient dense bone broth available.  Body Glue contains 10x more collagen than traditional broth and 30% more collagen than bone broth concentrate products.


Do you use any dirty seed or vegetable oils in your sauces?

Absolutely not!  We know how inflammatory those oils are so we ONLY use the healthiest oil on the planet - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in all our sauces.


I am trying to heal my gut - is it ok for me to consume this sauce?  

Our sauces are 100% microbiome friendly and free from common gut disruptors and allergens - guaranteed! No egg, soy, refined sugar, inflammatory oils, preservatives or additives of any kind!


I can’t consume mayo as it’s usually made with eggs.  Does your recipe contain eggs?

To keep our sauces allergen and lunchbox friendly NONE of our sauces contain egg!  The thick creamy texture comes from Organic EVOO, Psyllium husk and of course all the gelatinous collagen in Bone Broth Body Glue!



Our sauces are a delicious, convenient and ultra-nutritious addition to your health routine. Combining the nutritional power of Body Glue™ with a range of nature's most potent superfoods, our sauces turn traditional recipes on their heads to make healthy eating simple for the entire family.

5 for your guts to thrive:


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