We’d like to introduce you to the latest additions to our family: Bone Broth Sauces!!

Harnessing all the nutritional power of our concentrate, we’ve given traditional recipes a complete makeover. That means delicious condiment alternatives that are Paleo, Keto and allergen friendly, free of gluten, dairy, egg, sugar and preservatives. 

With all the nourishing and wholesome benefits of our Bone Broth Concentrate we're shaking up the sauce bottle!

Why we love our bone broth sauces

Bone broth for all

We wanted to make it easy for kids and fussy eats to experience all the gut-loving nourishment of bone broth in delicious sauce form.  With 3 super tasty products in the range everyone is sure to find their fav!

Spread some Great Guts Mayo on your next sandwich, use Total Tummy Turmeric as a designer chip dip, or add Better Belly BBQ to your next snag.  IT'S THAT EASY!

 An easy way to experience better health

 We are all too familiar with what gut imbalance looks like, having had a very personal experience. These sauces were created to make it easier than ever for more people to experience the benefits of Bone Broth and make poor gut health a thing of the past. 

 Changing the way sauces are made

 FYI - We haven’t merely added our Bone Broth Concentrate to traditional sauce formulations. Instead, we have completely overhauled all ingredients with the goal of creating a product that, even without Bone Broth, would still be considered the world’s healthiest sauces.

 Accessible to more people

To make sure as many people as possible can benefit from our sauces, we only use ingredients that are Paleo and allergen friendlyPlus no gluten, dairy, egg, sugar and preservatives. 

 Meet our sauce range 

Great Guts Mayo – the ultimate Aussie pantry staple

Ordinarily made with dirty seed and vegetable oils, farmed eggs and loads of additives + preservatives you can’t even pronounce… no thanks!

We made over the humble may into something extraordinary. Made to love your guts using organic extra virgin olive oil, bone broth concentrate, prebiotics and fibre, without additives or eggs. 

Spread our Great Guts Mayo on thick, like a traditional mayo. It’s a nutrient-boost to school lunches, salads and dips.

Total Tummy Turmeric – gut-friendly mayo with an anti-inflammatory twist

All the gut friendly benefits of our awesome mayo upgraded with anti-inflammatory superfood turmeric, arguably the most powerful herb on the planet! 

Immune-boosting lemon and ginger gives our Tummy Turmeric Mayo a delicious savoury twist that no one can resist. 

Use just as you would any mayo – on anything you like! It’s particularly good with veggies, salad, chicken and fish. It makes for a colourful dipping sauce or salad dressing, too. 

Better Belly BBQ – BBQs just got fun-ctional

Why do we take healthy whole foods like grass-fed steak, then smother them in sugar loaded BBQ sauce?

Did you know that store-bought BBQ sauces contains an average of 7g of sugar per serve?

Our Better Belly BBQ contains a mere 1.4g per serve thanks to all natural, low-carb, prebiotic Chicory Root and antioxidant rich pomegranate, with just a hint of Monk fruit.

Better Belly BBQ is great with anything grilled, especially meat or chicken. Smother on steak sandwiches and, of course, burgers. Say hello to your child’s new favourite

If you’re ready to start experiencing the benefits of Bone Broth with the deliciousness of a sauce, get your hands on our new range here.