Good question! (and one we get asked a lot!)

The short of it is, there really IS no comparison. Body Glue™️ is a one of a kind product. Sure, there are plenty of Bone Broths on the market - powders, liquids, concentrates.. but this is where we truly stand out from a crowd of copy+pastes.
Yes, we make Bone Broth, but it is no ordinary bone broth. It is Body Glue™️, aptly named because it is quite literally the "glue" your body needs to reseal the gut lining and stop inflammation crippling the rest of your body. Our unique "glue like" consistency comes from the extremely high collagen amino content, which is over 1000% or 10x higher than a traditional bone broth, and 30% more than bone broth concentrate.

Self confessed ingredient geeks, we know what is necessary, and what is NOT for your gut health. While other bone broths on the market list [someone else's] "bone broth" as an ingredient (😬) and then additives like Tapioca Starch, or Deactivated Nutritional Savoury Flakes (🤨).. Our Natural Bone Broth Body Glue™ (which is the base of all our Body Glue™ products) is made using just 2 ingredients - 100% grass-fed beef bones and naturally evaporated sea salt. That's literally it. And how do we know this? Because we made it ourselves. Using locally sourced bones. With no meats. No vegetables. Never dehydrated or treated with extreme heat. Never de-structured in any way. This means that our customers are receiving maximum bio-availability in each & every sip.

And now let's talk price. Although ours is justified by the fact that mL on mL, we are comparatively the World's Most Nutrient Dense Bone Broth, that's not where our value ends. A 390g jar of our Body Glue makes 39 cups of bone broth, and equates to 89c per serve. Some powdered broths on the market come in at over $2 per serve, for a product offering nowhere near the same nutrient profile as Body Glue. So although there are definitely some "cheaper" options on the market, they are cheaper in every sense of the word.