With self isolation a very real part of most families lives and now school holidays commencing, kids are home more than ever. While no doubt this is testing on some levels (hello teachers, in case we never mentioned it before, we are so grateful for you all) being able to protect their little immune systems and be more mindful of what we put in their little bodies is a good thing.

Bone Broth (and other immune-boosting foods) are not just essential for adults. While some kids will drink broth straight from a cup, for fussy eaters or infants, it is easier to sneak into their meals without them knowing.

Our Natural broth is unflavoured making it our most versatile and family-friendly product (also our best selling product for these reasons). Easily stirred through any meal to boost the gut health of the whole family, undetected. We have a range of family friendly recipes on our website including gut-healing spag bolsushi bowlspesto beef burgers and many more.

And then there is the easiest way EVER to get kids consuming broth... SAUCE! Improving kids gut health was one of the inspirations in creating this range so we made sure they were kid-approved when it comes to taste. And in case you somehow weren’t aware, among the many awesome ingredients in our sauce range is Bone Broth!  Along with ½ serve of 10x Bone Broth, each delicious serve of sauce also contains prebiotic and soluble fibre from organic psyllium husk to boost good bacteria and keep tummies of all ages happy. Egg and allergen-free (which made them school approved), free of nasty oils, no preservatives and nothing artificial (no hypo kids here thanks)!

To keep the whole family healthy and happy here are our top 5 to thrive suggestions:

Veg sticks and Mayo dipping sauce
Super easy and fun with the added bonus of extra veg! Dial up the excitement a notch with a little colour! Turn mayo into pink “unicorn” sauce with a couple of drops of beetroot mixed through, or use spinach to make green “monster” dipping sauce. Takes barely a minute to prepare and the kids will LOVE it!

Vegetable Mash
This is by far one of the most popular ways to use our Natural broth. Cauli mash, sweet potato, broccoli and carrot - just mash as you usually would and whip broth through at the end.

Smoothies & Snacks
Our Natural broth can be disguised in sweet recipes too. Sneak a half teaspoon into smoothies or homemade fruit ice-blocks without kids knowing! (PS. Natural broth + dates make an easy salted caramel flavour - check out this easy salted caramel bliss ball recipe).

Make dinner time fun
Kids eat with their eyes just like us and sauces make fun eating easy! Turn meatballs into "meat pops" by putting them on kid-sized skewers. Or keep it real simple and create a fun face or picture - rather than a dollop of sauce make a big Better Belly BBQ saucy smile :)

The trusted sambo
Sandwiches are the no brainer - mixing chicken and avo or egg with mayo supercharges old school sandie combos with gut healing goodness. Go gluten-free for bonus points.

Create, inspire, share

If you have any fun and nutritious kid-friendly recipes or tips you think would benefit others, we are sure our community would love to hear them! Email your creations to info@gevityrx.com or tag us on social media so we can share with our followers or on our blog. You can find links to our socials at the bottom of this email.

Take care everyone

Mark & Atlanta  xx