Gevity Rx’s “Body Glue”, which is renowned for being the world’s most nutrient-dense bone broth solution, is now available in 225 stores nationwide following a new partnership with Woolworths that makes good health accessible and convenient. 

The launch into the major supermarket has been a long time coming for the Australian brand and it is another step towards their mission to create a healthier world, one life-changing product at a time. 

Mark, who is tasked with managing product development and innovation for the brand alongside his role as Co-Founder and CEO, said the launch into Woolworths is a nod to the explosive growth of Gevity Rx over the last couple of years as the company has gone from strength to strength, leading the way with their range of functional food. 

“We initially started by developing our unique bone broth solution and making it in 100kg batches from our health food cafe at midnight, and now we produce 20 tonnes a month.” 

“We’ve seen 50% year on year growth, and close to a 2000% increase during that time, so launching our product into Woolworths is a credit to our passionate team, our innovative products and our unwavering commitment to making bone broth a mainstream staple and not a fad trend.” 

“Our focus has always been to make bone broth easy to consume, affordable, accessible and delicious, without sacrificing the quality and we’re proud to have pioneered the bone broth category in the health food space," he said. 

Nutritionist Casey-Lee Lyons said bone broth doesn’t need to be scary, expensive and hard to find, and it is incredible from a health perspective because it can play a vital role in reducing inflammation, aid with digestion, is good for the gut and supports a strong immune system. 

“The Gevity Rx Body Glue™ range has 10 x more collagen forming amino acids per gram than traditional bone broth, so it really is the “stuff that holds your body together”. 

The Lemon & Herb, A.M. Cleanse and Natural Bone Broth Body Glue™ products, all of which are bestsellers from the Gevity Rx range, are now available in Woolworths stores around the country and can be found in the ultra-premium section near other sauces and specialised products. 



About Gevity Rx 

Gevity Rx is an Australian brand founded on the belief that long term health is not attainable without dedicated and consistent focus on internal health. Gevity Rx, where Gevity stands for longevity and Rx stands for prescription, is owned by husband and wife duo Mark and Atlanta Fowler, who are self proclaimed “ingredients geeks” and are shaking up the functional food category, one life-changing product at a time. The Gevity Rx range includes 8 Bone Broths, 3 Bone Broth marinades, 4 Bone Broth sauces and 3 brand new chocolates that launched earlier this year as part of the Sweet Gutsrange. 

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